Transgrancanaria 2021: an EXTREME challenge

Trail running lovers are in luck because the Transgrancanaria will allow them to see first hand the most inhospitable places of Gran Canaria with a unique race in the world.


This event brings together hundreds of participants from all parts of the world by the harshness of their journey and especially for its great length. For all this, and much more, it isn’t suitable for everyone...

What is the Transgrancanaria

The Transgrancanaria is an event held annually since 2003 in Gran Canaria. Today is one of the most important in the world. Although there are different modalities, the most typical is the one that crosses the entire island.


Obviously, the runners have the support of the organization through several points of provisioning with food and drink suitable for a race of this kind. In addition, health coverage is also provided during the journey.


The last edition of the event managed to bring together more than 3,500 participants from all over the world, including many from the elite who raised the level of the race. Indeed, it made national and international headlines in the leading specialist media.

When is the Transgrancanaria held

This year the various races will be held from 24 to 28 February.


The difficulty of the races is so high that it’s recommended that the runners master orienteering techniques, withstand changing natural conditions, be able to assist other runners if necessary, have a tolerance for fatigue, lack of sleep, eating problems... Likewise, for the toughest races (360º, Classic and Advanced) the organisation requires a medical certificate.

360º: 262 km

This 262-kilometre trail running test is one of the toughest in the world. Very few runners sign up for it, and only a small percentage complete it.


Thus, the runners face a route without markers where they must follow the track given by the organization before the race and, moreover, in semi-autonomy.


In this way, they will have to manage in their own way their refreshment posts and rest periods in areas provided free of charge and carry compulsory material.

Classic: 130 km

If there’s a real challenge in the Transgrancanaria is the 129.8-kilometre Classic. It has a positive slope of 6,720 meters and a maximum height of 1,829 meters above sea level to be completed in a maximum of 30 hours.


Participants will start from 23:00 from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 26 February and will finish in Maspalomas, crossing Arucas, Teror, Moya, Artenara, Tejeda, Tunte...

Advanced: 65 km

The third hardest race is the Advanced, which is 64.8 kilometres long, with a positive slope of 2,566 metres and a negative slope of 3,791 metres, reaching a height of 1,829 metres to be finished in a maximum of 15 hours.


Runners will start from Artenara on 27 February at 9:00 and finish in Maspalomas, crossing Tejeda, El Garañón, Tunte, Ayagaures, etc.

Marathon: 42 km

A marathon in the mountains? Of course! The 42.3-kilometre Marathon has a positive slope of 888 metres and a negative slope of 2561 metres, reaching a height of 1829 metres with a maximum of 10 hours.


Runners will start from El Garañón on 27 February at 9:30 and finish in Maspalomas, crossing Tunte and Ayagaures.

Starter: 30 km

The 29.8-kilometre Starter has a positive slope of 622 metres and a negative slope of 1,504 metres, reaching a height of 1,192 metres to be completed in 9 hours.


Participants will set off on 27 February at 8.30 am from Tunte and will finish in Maspalomas, passing through Ayagaures.

Promo: 18 km

The 17.6-kilometre Promo has a positive slope of 245 metres and a negative slope of 545 metres, reaching a height of 467 metres and finishing in a maximum of 8 hours.


Runners will start from Ayagaures on 27 February at 8:00 am and will finish in Maspalomas, passing through Degollada Ancha.

Youth: 18 km

The Youth is identical to the previous one, but is aimed at runners between the ages of 15 and 21.

Family Trans: 18 km

As in the two previous races, the Family Trans is designed for adults who accompany children from 0 to 18 years old.

Prices and discounts

The prices of the different categories of the Transgrancanaria are as follows:

Likewise, runners residing in the Canary Islands can benefit from an extra 20% discount. In addition, participants can benefit from a discount according to their ITRA score:

Where to stay during the Transgrancanaria

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