If you are looking for water sports in Gran Canaria, this is the answer

If you are looking for water sports in Gran Canaria and strong emotions, the Canary Islands are the answer. But as far as aqua sports are concerned, this island is your destination. In this article, we offer all the information about water sports in Gran Canaria so you can get an idea of ​​the fun dimension in which you can submerge.

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 Discover the Fly Board in Gran Canaria

The Fly Board is one of the most demanded water sports in Gran Canaria. It is an adjustable table in your feet that will make you fly over the sea. Once you have put on this footwear, a jet of great power coming from the turbine of a Jet Ski to raise it above the surface of the sea to reach a great height, and once you take the trick, travel to move across the sky.

Flying is a unique experience that all human want to live and Fly Board will be fulfilled your dreams. It is very easy to handle: you just have to keep your balance and fly. 95% of users have achieved it in the first attempt.

Rally on the sea on board the Jet Boat

Do you like speed?. Well, you don’t miss one of the most extreme water sports in Gran Canaria. The Jet Boat is a fast powered boat that will make you feel the adrenaline of a racing driver but ... at sea. Spins, skids, 360 degrees turns, jumps and many pirouettes that you submerging under the sea waves breaking all speed limits.

 Introduction to diving and diving for experts in Gran Canaria

Do you want to know a different world?. One of the most extended water sports in Gran Canaria are diving. In the island you can do your baptism and discover the most incredible seabed. There are also underwater crossings for all levels. In any case, you will know the underwater nature of the island, where you can visit incredible marine landscapes. You don’t have to worry about the dive equipment. In addition, monitors who will make live an emotional experience more exciting than ever.

 Take the sea in Jet Ski in Gran Canaria

If you have not decided yet, surely this modality of water sports in Gran Canaria will get you out of doubt. Drive a Jet Ski along the coast of the island, knowing its caves, cliffs and incredible inaccessible beaches, such as Playa de Güigüi for example.

You can see dolphins in their natural habitat and other incredible marine species. You can take a safari with a monitor that allows you to see the most hidden corners of the island or make a circuit of buoys near the beach and show your skills as a pilot.

Cruises in Kayak in Gran Canaria




Do you want a quieter journey? If the Jet Ski seems too strong an emotion for you, in Gran Canaria you can enjoy beautiful and calm kayak trips along the coast of the island. With expert monitors, you will visit incredible beaches only accessible by sea and you will border the amazing cliffs.

You will strengthen the arms that are remade at the same time that you feed your experience knowing unimaginable places. If you are expert or novice, you can enjoy this great experience as a couple or in individual kayaks.

Surf for beginners and experts

The most famous modality of water sports in Gran Canaria and in the history is surfing and in the island you can learn to copes the sea waves on a board or, if you are an expert, you can cope the beast waves. The good climate that the island offers and more than 60 kilometers of coastline in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean makes the most visited places to surf all the year.

The south of the island is ideal for beginners and learning to get up on a board. Experts can enjoy great sea waves in the north, on beaches such as Playa del Hombre or Playa de la Laja.

Kite Surfing: the first of water sports in Gran Canaria par excellence

Do you want to combine water and air?. The Kite Surf allowed you to sail the sea of ​​the island at great speed and be able to fly over it at the same time. This water sport in Gran Canaria is practiced with a board and a paraglider, being the perfect combination to reach great speeds on the water and rise above it like a seagull.

The emotion is assured. The safest conditions to practice this type of surfing occur during the summer, when the wind throughout the island is regular. If the weather conditions are not appropriate, the learning course can’t be carried out.






Practice and learn Windsurf, the modality of water sports in Gran Canaria par excellence

As we said before, the island is the ideal place to learn aqua sports related to the marine environment and the air. On board the Windsurf board you can cruise and surf sea waves, enjoying the crystal clear waters and the good temperature. The wind gusts are constant, so you can travel long distances breaking the air and sea waves. Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended water sports in Gran Canaria to do during your holidays.

 Surf Safari for all levels

Surf Safari is one of the ways to know the coasts of Gran Canaria completely. With these safaris expert monitors will teach to small groups to surf on the most varied beaches. Gran Canaria has beaches with sea waves of all sizes and bravery, being an ideal place to learn to surf and end up being an expert. But these safaris are also focused on the most expert surfers, knowing beaches and sea waves that would go unnoticed. The most suitable locations to carry out this activity will know you doing safari surfing.

A different water sports in Gran Canaria: Paddle Surf

A new form of surfing has become fashionable in the last year. Paddle Surf combines the best of surfing and kayaking. Stand on your board and row through the beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria, enjoying its seabed through its crystal clear waters. You can also ride the sea waves with the help of the paddle to reach a great speed.

This modality of water sports in Gran Canaria is ideal on the south and west coasts, taking advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Perfect for beginners, you can surf the smaller sea waves.

Parachute flight by the Atlantic coasts

Do you want to know the Atlantic coasts from the air?. Do you dare to rise several meters above sea level on a parachute?. Propelled by a powerful motorboat, you can rise to a great height and enjoy magnificent views of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.

A unique experience that will give you an unknown perspective and point of view from any other water sports in Gran Canaria. This activity depends to the wind conditions, but the climate of Gran Canaria do that it can be practiced practically throughout the year.

Snorkelling along the coasts of the island

Snorkelling is one of the most famous water sports in Gran Canaria that does not require the great equipment. With a tube and a pair of diving glasses you can practice this activity anywhere. But if you want to have a truely unique experience, sign up for the tours that exist on the island.

You will learn to control your breathing and maximize the immersion time. In addition you will know sea landscapes and marine wildlife that otherwise would be hidden. You don’t miss out on visiting the most beautiful marine corners of the island.

Excursion on Catamaran




If you don’t feel like getting wet and you want to see the great seabed of Gran Canaria, this is your activity. On board a catamaran with the glass floor you can observe the varied marine species and sail the sea accompanied by dolphins. Comfortably and effortlessly, you just have to sit down and enjoy yourself. Ideal to take a break and enjoy explanations on the sea floor watching it live.

Travel in Banana Bus or Crazy Ufo

Are you able to maintain yourself on a mechanical bull?. If you have enough strength and you want to try over the sea, this is your activity. Get on a giant banana and hold on tightly. A speedboat will move you at great speed and you will have to be strong to stay on the banana in each of the curves and jumps. Banana format or circle with seats (crazy ufo).

Private Yacht Trip

If you want to have a quiet experience with your family or friends, you can rent a private yacht to spend a pleasant day on the Gran Canaria’s coasts. A boat fully equipped with stereo, refrigerator and cabin to make your stay an unforgettable experience. In addition, you can drop anchor in the place that you like and you enjoy a nice swim on the Atlantic coast.

If you want to practice any of these water sports in Gran Canaria get in contact with us. Villa Gran Canaria will offer you the best holidays that you can find on the island. We will be happy to offer you the best of us and you will go back with all your friends and family.

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