6 films that have been shot in the Canary Islands

How many films have been shot in the Canary Islands?How many of them haven’t you watched yet? More than you think. The archipelago has been a place of interest when it comes to shooting some of the most blockbuster films in history. However, it is rarely referred to in the scripts.

Why are there so many films that have been shot in the Canary Islands? These islands benefit from the tax incentive for film production. In the cases of international productions, 35% of production costs are refunded.

This territory has a unique tax regime, due to its remoteness from the peninsula, so the fact that there are so many films shot in the Canary Islands serves to increase the volume of income of the island.

From ancient Rome to distant Egypt: the climate of the islands and their extensive beaches offer versatile landscapes that adapt perfectly to the needs of any film director. Due to this, if you are a movie lover, today we bring you a list of films shot in the Canary Islands which if you haven’t watched them yet, you must write them down on your to-do list.

Fast & Furious 6

This saga of action movies divides the Spanish population in two: those who hate them, and those who always go to the premiere of each film.

Despite the fact that the saga currently has 8 titles, movie number 6 managed to grant its producer the most productive film title ever, with a revenue of 782,487, 000 dollars. But what the most loyal followers of this saga will not be able to forget, is that it was the last one in which Paul Walker participated, emblem and symbol of one of the most seen sagas of movies in history.

“Do not be fooled from the Hollywood mecca, these places are national heritage, and they are in the Canary Islands.”


Como sobrevivir a una despedida de soltera

"Como sobrevivir a una despedida de soltera" directed by Manuela Moreno, is one of those comic perfect flicks for a good time. Nora and her group of friends insist on throwing a bachelorette party to her friend Gisela, the most responsible in the group.

With the simple objective of having a great time, these five friends will live an unforgettable trip in Gran Canaria.

From Playa del Ingles — the most popular among gay ambiance — to the beach of El Pajar, the film teaches us the beauty of Canarian landscapes, where its protagonists have to deal with their mistakes of a night full of adventures.

In fact, the final scene (no worries, this is not a spoiler) was recorded in one of the most famous amusement parks inGran Canaria; “Holiday World”. Although it was expected to be one of the highest grossing films of that year, to be honest, it did not get the audience expected.


If you are a follower of Matt Damon, you are likely to be surprised to discover that Bourne’s latest installment was one of the films shot in the Canary Islands. Following with sagas loved by hundreds of followers, one of his last films is developed mainly on the island.

This time, the Canary Islands became an area of protests located in ancient Greece. Undoubtedly, the 5th movie is considered one of the best action movies of the saga. However, it was not the film itself that attracted the interest of the international press.


The movie trailer was broadcasted in the Super Bowl Commercial Break, one of the biggest sporting events in the world. An advertisement of approximately 30 seconds that could cost five million dollars, because that day most Americans are stuck to their televisions at that particular moment.


Palmeras en la nieve

Palmeras en la nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow in English), by Fernando González Molina, was another of the films shot in the archipelago that was really successful among the Spanish public.

The Finca de Osorio, which is currently, located two kilometers from the ´historical center of Teror. In this case, the Canary Islands were transformed into the island of Fernando POO, where Jacobo (played by the actor Alain Hernandez) and his brother Killian (played by the actor Mario Casas) after discovering a forgotten letter from his father travel.

The filming set was in an old wheat field located on the Paseo de los Robles.

Canarias was the perfect place to capture the currents of Guinean colonialism of the 50s and 60s. It was also one of the films with the highest budget, exceeding 10 million euros.

If you like romantic movies to cry, this movie is probably the perfect company for you and your partner on a perfect Sunday afternoon (try not to forget the tissues).

Han Solo: A Star Wars story

If you are a fan of these science-fiction movies, you probably think that this installment was one of the worst of the whole saga.

Despite the fact that the story was somewhat cold for its viewers, its history served to give a great prominence to the island of Fuerteventura, making it one of the films shot in the Canary Islands where you can best appreciate the landscape.

The movie left more than 15 million euros on the island. The scenarios that appear the most are the Technical Valley, located in the natural park of Jandía, a perfect place to evoke the homeland of the protagonist of the film.


Clash of the Titans

Without any doubt, of all the films shot in the Canary Islands, Clash of the Titans is probably the only one which knows how to perfectly capture the landscapes of the island. In fact, at the present time, there are still guided tours to visit the locations where the film was filmed.

Maybe you are asking yourself, where was Clash of the Titans filmed? The most famous scene of the movie was shot on the cliffs of Los Gigantes, probably one of the most impressive landscapes in Tenerife — although it also included the Teide National Park, known for the wild display of its native vegetation.

We hope you’ve have enjoyed our post about the 6 films that have been shot in the Canary Islands. Would you like to live an experience of this kind? Now you can do it, come to the island and let VillaGranCanaria provide you with the best accommodations for your stay on the island.

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