Guide to the main events and festivals in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a date with fun and celebration almost every week of the year. Are you planning your holidays already? Then keep reading and you’ll find out that there will be an event or festival in Gran Canaria for you whenever you come to the island. 

Events And Festivals In Gran Canaria Month By Month


Gran Canaria In January


  • The Three Kings Day (January 6th).Did you know that Spanish people celebrate Christmas until the first week of January? 
    The reason is that Spanish kids receive their gifts from The Three Kings, who visit their homes riding their camels at night. One of the most fun dates for families who spend that magical day in Gran Canaria.
  • Almond Blossom Festival.If you spend the last days of January on the island, you will have the chance to watch the almond trees bloom in towns like Valsequillo and Tejeda.


Gran Canaria In February - Gran Canaria In March


  • Gran Canaria Carnival. The rest of the country envies the Canary Islands for their amazing Carnival festivities
    Every corner in Gran Canaria becomes a huge, non-stop party during Carnival, especially Las Palmas, Telde and Maspalomas. Dancing, singing, dressing up with costumes… 
    Gran Canaria Carnival is the most fun thing to do in February both for adults and kids. It’s the most important festival in Gran Canaria!


  • Holy Week. The week before Easter is called ‘Semana Santa’, and it’s a big deal all over Spain. People solemnly watch the processions, where people carry enormous sacred icons and religious statues on their shoulders.


Gran Canaria In April – Gran Canaria In May


  • Car Rally Islas Canarias. Are you into speed and action? You can find some adrenaline at the most important car rally on the island, where international drivers compete for El Corte Inglés Trophy.
  • Aboriginal Festivities (April 29th).Music, dancing and big ceremonies make locals remember about their History when the Guanches (Canary people) fought the Spaniards to avoid the annexation of Gran Canaria in 1483.
  • Cheese Festival.Go and taste the traditional cheese made in Santa María de Guía, a small town that shows its special recipe to the world every year.
  • Canary Islands’ Day (May 30th). There is no better way to get to know the culture and costumes in Gran Canaria than joining these celebrations. They schedule concerts, traditional Canarian wrestling and folk music.


Gran Canaria In June – Gran Canaria In July


  • Corpus Christi. Religious people display a beautiful set of decoration in Gran Canaria with dyed salt and carpets of flowers as a path for the processions.
  • Fiesta del Carmen (July 16th).Fishermen organize processions in the sea, decorating their boats and carrying statues of Virgin Mary.


Gran Canaria In August – Gran Canaria In September


  • Bajada de la Rama (August 4th). Maybe the oldest tradition on the island. In the old times, Guanches used to throw branches in the sea to bring the rain in. Nowadays, locals take their branches to a chapel in Agaete.
  • Fiesta de la Virgen del Pino (September 8th).The biggest event in Teror is dedicated to worship the Virgin Mary.
  • Fiesta del Charco. (September 11th).One of the craziest festivities: people swim fully dressed in the lagoon of San Nicolás de Tolentino, trying to catch some fish with their bare hands.




Gran Canaria In October – Gran Canaria In November


  • Festival of the Sea (Second Saturday of October).A boat procession to remember the Spanish victory over the British army in 1595.
  • Noche de Los Finados (October 31st). Halloween is not a typical celebration in Spain, even though some people like to dress up and go out that night. ‘Noche de Los Finados’ is a similar tradition in Gran Canaria, where kids wear costumes and ask for ‘santitos’ (candy).
  • All Saints’ Day (November 1th). Theatre plays, films, religious traditions… A day with multiple possibilities in every town on the island.


Gran Canaria In December



Gran Canaria Gay Festivals

This island is very a friendly place for the LGTBI community. There are many festivities for gays in Gran Canaria all year. Gays in Maspalomas can find both party and great accommodation for this festivals.

Maspalomas Pride: Gay Pride In Gran Canaria

Maspalomas becomes the home of Gay Pride when summer is about to start. It’s a crazy party that lasts longer than a week. One of the most loved activities in Gran Canaria Pride is the Freedom Party, full of color, light, and music to dance all night long.

Winter Pride Gran Canaria

Winter Pride is the main LGTBI celebration during the winter. It’s celebrated in Maspalomas, just like summer Gay Pride, and every year it becomes more important for the gay community worldwide.

You can go and enjoy live performances by international artists every night at Winter Pride in Maspalomas. If you have to pick just one gay festival in Gran Canaria, choose this one.


Dunas Festival

Dunas Festival makes sure summer is not over until you have fun with its boat trips, parties and the ‘chupitos’ (drinking shots) night. This festival blends hardcore partying with tourism and sightseeing, so it’s a great choice to enjoy every aspect of Gran Canaria at the same time.

Music Festivals In Gran Canaria


Maspalomas Music Festival

Once again, Maspalomas shows it’s the place-to-be for the main festivals in Gran Canaria. This music celebration is for independent artists from every corner of the world. The stages are taken over by pop, rock and electronic music. 

There are also activities aimed at the youngest ones in the family.

Maspalomas Costa Canaria Soul Festival

The ‘60s come back every summer when this soul festival celebrated at the beach starts. No doubt it’s a great plan for nostalgic music lovers that don’t want to miss a single day of sunbathing on the island.

Gran Canaria SUM Festival

The best Spanish performers star in this music festival in Gran Canaria. It’s the best options for those who want to listen to the trendiest tracks in the country.

Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Mas Heineken



Jazz fanatics are invited to enjoy live concerts during their holidays at Plaza de San Fernando (Maspalomas) and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Culture and Arts Festivals In Gran Canaria

Festivals in Gran Canaria are a great way to get to know different artistic and cultural performances during your holidays.

Temudas Fest

This is a creative celebration of theatre, music, and dancing in the streets of Las Palmas. It’s a very popular festival in Gran Canaria because it involves interaction with the audience.

Gran Canaria Walking Festival

Did you know walking in Gran Canaria has its own celebration?  Hiking in Gran Canaria is such a great experience that fans gather on the island for this special event. Festivals in Gran Canaria are for sporty people too!


WOMAD: World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival in Gran Canaria


World-Music-Arts-Dance-Festival -villa-Gran-Canaria

Its name speaks for itself: this awesome festival puts together music and art from around the world in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It’s celebrated as well in Chile, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Cáceres (Spain).

What is better than these events and festivals in Gran Canaria? Finding the best accommodation to be near the celebrations! Contact us for more information.

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