Maspalomas Lighthouse, the guiding light in the south of Gran Canaria

Maspalomas isn’t only famous for its golden dunes or its impossible-to-beat climate, but also for its old lighthouse, which has witnessed the arrival of the first tourists and the transformation of the area into a holiday resort.


Since the first traveller understood that at this kilometre-long beach there’s always good weather, the lighthouse has witnessed countless sunny days, honeymoons and walks along the Atlantic.


Today it stands at the beginning of a busy promenade area, ideal to go shopping, stop off after a day at the beach, go out for dinner or simply have a drink by the extensive coastline.

History of the Maspalomas Lighthouse

The decision to build the lighthouse was taken back in the distant 19th century, in 1861. The works took 28 long years. At that time the whole area was an uninhabited spot, isolated from the rest of Gran Canaria. For the construction of the 55 metres high lighthouse, a pier was needed to unload the materials, which could only be brought in by sea.


The lighthouse was lit for the first time in 1890, watching over ships that sail between Europe, America and Africa. It was the only construction at the end of a kilometre-long line of sand that began in what is now Playa del Inglés and ended near the Maspalomas Oasis. But nowadays, everything around it has changed. 


Nevertheless, Maspalomas is still an ideal place to relax, enjoy the sea or simply spend time sunbathing. The long shadow of the lighthouse, which used to guide the ships crossing the Atlantic, watches over the sunbathers who spend their days under the sun of Maspalomas. What hasn’t changed is the lighthouse of Maspalomas.

Where is the Maspalomas lighthouse located

The Maspalomas Lighthouse is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in the south of Gran Canaria. More precisely in the heart of one of the most visited coastal areas in Europe: Maspalomas.

In terms of distances, the lighthouse is about 36 kilometres from the Gran Canaria Airport (about 28 minutes by car) and about 56 kilometres from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (approximately 42 minutes by car).

How to get to the Maspalomas Lighthouse

To reach this majestic lighthouse there are two main options:

By bus

  • From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: both bus lines 30 and 50 take you directly to Faro de Maspalomas from the island's capital.
  • From Gran Canaria Airport (LPA): Line 66 links the island's airport with Faro de Maspalomas.

By car

Whether you’re coming from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Gran Canaria Airport, you’ll have to take the GC-1 motorway, take exit 46 and follow the signs to Faro de Maspalomas.

Where to stay near the Maspalomas Lighthouse

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The lighthouse is located between the towns of Maspalomas and Meloneras. In VillaGranCanaria we have spectacular accommodations in the surroundings that will delight more than one, don't miss them!

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