Los Cernícalos Ravine Hiking Route in Gran Canaria

Los Cernícalos Ravine hiking route is one of the most spectacular experiences of the island. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is visited by countless hikers, amateurs and pros alike, looking to enjoy hiking in Gran Canaria in all its glory.


And one of the wonders of this ravine are its magnificent waterfalls through which water flows non-stop throughout the year. Hopefully it will be a rainy year that will help the stream to continue having the strength and splendor of a lifetime!

Hiking itinerary in the Barranco de los Cernícalos ravine

Hiking through the Barranco de los Cernícalos is very easy and fun. In fact, it is a fortunate area because there is always water flowing and its vegetation remains green and lush.


It is perfect for hiking with children and show them the natural wonders of Gran Canaria. It is, without a doubt, a special occasion for them to learn to take care of it while they explore.


The trail is a round trip along the same route and runs along the medium-high bed of the ravine. The outward path is almost 7 kilometres, so the total is about 14 kilometres with a low level of difficulty.


Here you can find one of the largest Canary willow forests in the archipelago. In addition, more than half of the Canary Islands plants that live here is endemic, 10% of it being exclusive to Gran Canaria.


IMPORTANT: some people may not be able to reach the last waterfall, as the path can be difficult. However, the most beautiful point of the route, the great waterfall, is located only about 3 kilometres from the start.

How to get to Los Cernícalos ravine in Gran Canaria

The bed of this ravine is located both in the Los Marteles Special Natural Reserve (Valsequillo) and in the Lomo Magullo Protected Landscape (Telde), so technically the ravine runs through part of these municipalities.


To get there, the easiest way is to enter in any GPS or Google Maps Merenderos Barranco de los Cernícalos, which will take us to an area with tables and benches where we can leave the car before the start of the trail.


From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the journey by car to the starting point is about 26 kilometres or 34 minutes, while if you come from the south (for example, Maspalomas) the journey is about 50 kilometres or about 45 minutes.


You have to cross the city of Telde (the second most populated of the island) from east to west and take the detour to the left leaving behind the towns of Valle de los Nueve, Lomo Magullo and Los Arenales until you reach the picnic areas.

When to hike in the Barranco de los Cernícalos ravine

To make the most of this impressive tour, it is advisable to take into account the following.

Avoid going on weekends or holidays

Although the area has a capacity of up to 16 well-parked cars, on holidays or weekends there are usually more visitors. Thus, both the number of walkers and vehicles multiplies making the area a chaos.


Not only this, but the more people there are, the less space to walk quietly and the more noise there is, whether from people shouting, listening to music, whistling, etc.

Go early in the morning

In case you can’t go during the week, the ideal is to start the route early in the morning. The sensation of walking through the ravine accompanied by the whistling of birds and the murmur of rushing water is an unparalleled experience.

The weather in the Barranco de los Cernícalos ravine

The temperature in Gran Canaria is pleasant throughout the year thanks to the influence of the trade winds blowing from the north, which cool the atmosphere in summer and soften it in winter.


Be that as it may, it is always advisable to bring something warm if the hiking route through this ravine is done in the winter season or on rainy days, logically.

Technical data of the Barranco de los Cernícalos hiking trail

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Although 90% of the route is flat and has no major dangers, it does not mean that you don’t have to pay attention. Indeed, there are some climbs and gorge areas where you will have to hold on to rocks or branches.


  • Difficulty: low
  • Distance: 7 kilometres
  • Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Circular: no
  • Picnic area: yes

Of course, it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear, especially because there may be wet areas where there is a risk of slipping. In addition, it goes without saying that any garbage generated must be collected and left in the appropriate containers.

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