Arinaga beach in Agüimes

Playa de Arinaga beach is located on the southeast coast of the coastal village of the same name, Arinaga, and belongs to the municipality of Agüimes.


The beach, which is about 600 metres long, is a real insider's tip, because the coastal section of Arinaga is rather less known among tourists. Here you’re more likely to find residents from the municipality of Agüimes who settle on the coast of Arinaga, or residents from the capital Las Palmas. 


Ready to discover the beach and fishing village for yourself?

Characteristics of Playa de Arinaga

beach of arinaga in agüimes

The main beach consists mainly of dark sand and pebbles, so we recommend you to take bathing shoes. It’s important to know that the area around the beach is a marine protected area. However, there are places with bathing opportunities all along the coast. Playa de Arinaga is considered one of the best diving and snorkelling areas on the island of Gran Canaria, thanks to the shallow access to the water. The beach is also suitable for surfing


There’s also access for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users with ramps and access points. In addition, the beach is regularly awarded the "blue flag", an environmental badge that stands for good water quality such as animal & biodiversity, services such as toilets, showers, etc. 


Remains of cooled lava can be found along the coast of Playa Arinaga.


  • Food: along the beach promenade you’ll find restaurants, bars and cafés with local flair. 
  • During the week, the beach is less frequented. On the other hand, you’ll often meet locals at weekends or after work. The fishing village also attracts residents from Las Palmas.
  • Bathing conditions: calm to moderate waves, windy
  • Length: about 700 m
  • Width: about 70 m
  • Feature: Urban beach
  • Services: Wastebaskets, cleaning service, toilets
  • Maximum temperature: 28º.
  • Water temperature: around 23º
  • Security: At certain times, the beach is supervised by lifeguards.

There’s also a small natural swimming pool on the coast in the northern part of Playa Arinaga. Here you can swim in a relaxed way, as it’s protected from the waves and the current by the artificially heaped up stones.


The village of Arinaga

statue of fisherman arinaga

The fishing village of Arinaga belongs to the municipality of Agüimes, one of the most prosperous municipalities. The nearby villages of Cruce Arinaga and the Polígono de Arinaga are rather less interesting, as they’re commercial areas. 


The approximately 4-kilometre-long promenade that winds through Arinaga is dotted with palm trees, trees, artworks and sculptures, and you have an impressive view of the mountains. Furthermore, there are numerous restaurants (such as La Vaquera or Hornos de la Cal), terraces, bars, cafés and small supermarkets just a stone's throw from the beach.


Throughout the village you’ll find beautifully landscaped sun terraces and benches, easily accessible from the promenade, where you can relax and listen to the sound of the sea. 


The promenade begins at the Muelle Viejo de Arinaga nature reserve, with a view of the Arinaga lighthouse. Below are the old lime kilns of the village, and a small museum where you can learn about the history of lime mining in the area.


If you follow the promenade to the south, you’ll find a pier where people use to fish. The place stands out for its sculpture who sits on the pier while fishing, reminding visitors of how the old fishing village earned its prosperity. From here, you can view the industrial area of Arinaga and the wind turbines. At the pier, there’s also a playground for children, where even the youngest can have a nice day at the beach.


The promenade ends at the Las Salinas Museum. Here you can learn more about the salt production of the past.  


How to get to Arinaga

Arinaga is easy to reach via the GC-1 motorway. Take exit 25/23 and follow the signs to Arinaga. Parking is easy in the side streets. 

  • From the south: about 25 km and 25 minutes.
  • From the north: about 35 km.


By bus you can take bus line 25 or 01 from the Global bus company.


What to do in Arinaga

Arinaga has a lot to offer. We'll prove it to you with the following events that you can't miss!

Raid Arinaga

This multidisciplinary orienteering race has been held in Arinaga for 23 years. This year, Raid Playa de Arinaga will take place on Sunday 21 August. It consists of completing a wide, marked route throughout the municipality of Agüimes using only a map and compass and exclusively natural and non-motorised means of transport, i.e. running, swimming and mountain biking. Don't miss this event if you're in Arinaga at the end of August!


The Vará del Pescao fishing festival

fishing festival vará del pescao in gran canaria

Vará del Pescao is THE highlight in Playa de Arinaga! It’s a fishing festival celebrated on the last Friday of August on the beach of Arinaga, not only by the seafarers, but rather by the whole island that moves to Arinaga. Don't miss the event! 


Playa de Arinaga, a charming fishing village with a great beach

Pack your towel, goggles and snorkel and explore the biodiversity worth seeing on the coast of Gran Canaria. Arinaga is a charming village where you can swim, dive, snorkel, walk, eat, fish or surf. 

In Playa de Arinaga, local residents gather to chat, swim or play. Join them and enjoy the Canarian sun that shines all year round. 


Accommodation in Arinaga

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