Beach vacations. The best 7 destinations in the Canary Islands

Are you thinking about spending a beach vacation? Have you thought of a destination in particular? We offer you the Canary Islands. In this archipelago you can enjoy unique experiences and landscapes that will make you spend unforgettable beach vacations. Do you want to know each of our islands? Here we tell you everything about them.

The 7 Paradise with beach in the Canary Islands

Tenerife: spend unforgettable beach vacations

  • You must go to the Teíde. Leading the touristic visits, the Mount Teide with its 3718 meters peak above the sea is one of the main natural attractions of Spain due to its magnificent volcano surrounded by an impressive park.

  • You can take refuge in the San Andrés bunker. Dare to discover something new and different during your beach vacations. A Second-World –War bunker, which used to be used for protections, hidden in the island 9km away from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You may even find personal equipment since people may spend the night there.

  • You can enter the Cave of the Wind. This is the largest lave tube in Europe and the fifth in the world. A 17km of underground tunnels of tour that continues to a pine forest and pathway takes around two hour to be completed and has an intermediate level of difficulty, found in the Municipality of Icod de los Vinos.

  • You can visit Punta de Teno. A natural park located in the northwest of the island offers the most beautiful and astounding ecological landscapes, mainly because of its isolation. Let you be surprised by the impressive cliffs, valley and forest areas. There you can also practice hiking, surfing, mountain bike, kaya and snorkeling.

  • Peek through the Cliff of the Giants. From the volcanic island, on the west coast, magnificent cliffs of 600 meters are found in a breathtaking landscape as huge wall of stone were there to protect the island. A beautiful spot to trek around or have a view from the sea, where dolphins and whales are frequently spotted.



Gran Canaria: the pretty girl from the archipelago

  • You will enjoy the best climate. Gran Canaria weather is considerate the best climate I the world because the guaranteed 365 day of sunshine and warm temperatures. With 4.800 hours of light and few rainy days per year, this destination is definitely suitable for your beach vacations. Besides, water is the best thermal water in the world due to the volcanic surrounding.

  • You will find unforgettable corners. In the same island you can find a wide variety of landscapes, each one as impressive as the rest. You can enjoy of tropical fruit plantations in the northwest of the island or natural reserves of pines where to hike around, idyllic woodland Doramas as taken from a fairy tale, or desert-like dunes.

  • Beaches full of secrets. The treasure of the island is the Atlantic Ocean coast, where to spend calm and at the same time fun beach vacations. From the most popular beach of Maspalomas with dunes, passing through Montaña de Arena, a hidden beach; Amadores, a sand an Caribbean style spot; El confital, surrounded by nature; to the touristic Playa del Ingles; among many others.

  • You can contemplate beautiful sunsets. Gran Canaria gifts you with the opportunity to live the present in warming sport where to appreciate the sunset behind the sea. Secret places such as Tamadaba, Puerto de la Nieves, and Arguineguín give you the picture of dream-like sunset; besides in The Cumbres sun peacefully goes down behind the mountains.

  • You will have many hiking trails. The natural terrain of the island gives the hiking-lovers dozens of hike trails where to get out from stress and experience the Canarian routs. Some of these hiking routes are Las presas, or around the special reserve of Los Martales, or a calm trek in Tamadaba as well as the beautiful ravine of Barranco de Guayadeque.



Lanzarote, ideal to spend a beach vacation

  • You can visit the Timanfaya National Park. The only national park that presents recent volcanic action has an arid landscape unique in the world. Since the volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1824, the lack of vegetation and extreme conditions has a result a variety of red, orange and black colors in this beautiful and extraordinary space.

  • You will enjoy the Castus Garden.A garden designed by Cesar Manrique with more than 450 species in the volcanic island. In this well-organized and as dry as beautiful natural garden, you will find a unique view of 13 different families of cacti from all around the world.

  • You will see Los Hervideros. Boiled water that hits against the caves walls, while you are under the water is an extreme experience with a privileged view. This is one of the most recommended spots in the island because of the exclusivity of the spectacle and adventure likewise the water clouds image.

  • You will be delighted by the unforgettable submarine landscapes. An immersing experience that allows you to submerge in the ocean as you have always imagined and witness the sunken life. You will be amazed with the wide variety of marine biodiversity that can be found in the sea. You should not miss this opportunity during your beach vacations.



Fuerteventura, Island for the whole family

  • You must go for its endless beaches where to make infinite sandcastles. Enjoy the paradisiacal and natural corners in your beach vacations, in the crystalline waters of Corralejo beach or the lonely Cofete beach. You can also spend your time in the endless El Caserón or the rustic Esquino, among other many suitable and fantastic beaches.

  • You must go for the tranquility of its towns to visit and its streets to walk. Seeing charming sights of the different towns of the island is another way of delighting in Fuerteventura. You can go to visit one of the oldest towns in the archipelago, Antigua; or the picturesque Bentancuria; and the small fishing village of El Cotillo with its lighthouse.

  • You must visit it for its unique spectacular dunes on the islands. Witnessing one of the most awe-inspiring and speechless landscapes is an unforgettable experience. You can visit the Natural Park Corralejo, which is a representative scientific park gathering of interest because of the dunes formed along the beaches.

  • You must visit for all the water and beach sports you can practice. During your beach vacations, not everything has to be lying on the sand and sunbathing. If you feel like releasing adrenaline while having so much fun, you can practice surf, kitesurf, windsurf, snorkel, and kayak in the paradise.


La Palma, the beautiful island of the Canarian archipelago

  • You will enjoy thousands of stars alone. La Palma combines all the required natural conditions to have exceptional clean skies that allow those who visit the island to witness spectacular astrophysical views of the night skies amply and clearly.

  • You will eat the most typical dishes of all the islands. For those who appreciate the best gastronomy, Formentera, just like the other six islands of the archipelago have traditional, has tropical and exotic food you can try such as papas arrugás, mojo picon, gofio, a wide variety of fruits, among others during your beach vacations.

  • You can make all kinds of hiking trails. For hiking enthusiasts, La Palma offers many different hike routes to go straight into nature paths such as Antonio Volcano, Cascada de colores –colors waterfall-, Teneguia volcano, Mirador de las Chozas and Pico de la Nieve.

  • You will see unforgettable natural landscapes. We suggest you to enjoy of the pristine and natural corners of the island for its attractive cliffs and volcanoes all around the entire island.




Discover the secrets that hide beach vacations of La Gomera

  • You can visit the Garajonay Park. A laurel forest that covers almost the third part of the territory and is part of the World Heritage of the Unesco. This park is an amazing location where to spend the day with the family and friends in a natural environment.

  • You will see the Roque de Agando. This is a peak of 1251 meters in which three different “roques” are: Ojila, Carmona and Zarcita. These are actually oceanic cover that emerged from volcanic episodes and were erosioned until they got its characteristic shape. A never-seen before landscape you should visit.

  • You will enjoy the views of the Mirador de Palmarejo. From this Mirador also designed by Cesar Manrique, the well-known Canarian artist, you could observe the extraordinary canyon and the rural views of La Gomera.



El Hierro, a charming island

  • You can see their sunsets. You can witness a natural miracle during your beach vacations while letting yourself be fascinated by the beauty of the sun coming down in the island landscape. We recommend you to take a place in Valverde for the spectacle.

  • You will walk along its paths. El Hierro offers you not only a perfect weather, but also plenty of hiking paths to walk around the volcanic and cliffs landscapes of the island.

  • You can enjoy a beach vacation. You can take a break and unwind in your beach holidays with the most rustic beach found in the Canary archipelago, you will breathe the freshly air and swim in the refreshing water of beaches such as Tacoron, Charco Azul, La Caleta and Valverde.



Do you already know what Canary Island you want to visit? If you still have some doubt in mind, do not hesitate to contact us through our website of Villa Gran Canaria. We will be happy to give you more information and help you choose your destination for your nest beach vacation. We’ll be waiting for you!
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